Speech Topic: “What you should learn in the age of Artificial Intelligence.”

Brief Bio: of Chika Yoshida, Ph.D.

Dr. Chika Yoshida is an Associate Professor at Department of Information Society of Bunkyo University. She has been a professor at Graduate School of Information Technology for five years. She has been teaching Project Management and Requirements Engineering classes in English to students from around the world. Her educational philosophy is to provide practically applicable education, which is derived from her experience in IT companies. She has more than 15 years of experience of Project Management Consulting and software project management at the IT companies. From 2002 she worked for Nihon Unisys as Business Development Director and Senior Director of Consulting Sales for Retail companies. She also has an experience of Marketing VP of Nihon Unisys subsidiary company in California. On the other hand, she studied in graduate school at University of San Francisco. After earned her M.B.A, she worked for Nihon Oracle Corporation as Country Manager for Retail Global Business Unit from 2009. After she hold a Ph.D. at University of Tsukuba, she became faculty of University. Currently she has given a presentation at internal or external conferences.

The evolution of artificial intelligence is remarkable, going beyond the convenience of living and threatening the labor market. In Japan, it is said that 49% of the working population will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots by 2030. In the lecture, it will be introduced the effects of AI on the labor market, the skills required for future generations to work there. And it is also introduced the case of Japanese University class, that provide competency development for that purpose. For the new AI era, it should be more important to know about the potential and limitations of artificial intelligence, and to learn creativity and sensitivity in communication.